About Us

At Tap & Pay Solutions Ltd., we are dedicated to revolutionising the way businesses conduct transactions. As a leading card machine provider, we offer cutting-edge payment solutions that empower businesses of all sizes to effortlessly embrace the future of payments. Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and personalised service sets us apart in the industry.

Our Story

Tap & Pay Solutions Ltd. was founded with a singular mission: to simplify and enhance the payment experience for both businesses and customers. With years of experience in the financial technology sector, our founder, Sebastian Chuddy, recognised the growing need for seamless, secure, and efficient payment solutions.

Sebastian's expertise and leadership have been acknowledged on multiple fronts, culminating in him being honored with the prestigious Sales Director Award for achieving the highest growth of the year. This award is a testament to his commitment to excellence and the remarkable strides Tap & Pay Solutions Ltd. has taken under his guidance.